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Hello! If you love the WHL, follow us! :) All pictures that are posted here DO NOT BELONG TO US unless otherwise said so. We will be posting pictures, news, and random facts about players upon request from official team sites!

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Hey WHL lovers! 

It’s been such a long time and this blog started around this time last year! Please bear with us. We haven’t really been on here but me personal will try my best to keep you updated. I know training camps are starting soon so rosters are coming out and players are being traded and picked up so if you want to submit pictures and roster changes or even pictures of you with WHL players include the name of the team or player and your name! We want this blog to be follower interaction 95%. We will start posting schedules and rosters as September 1st hits!

Any ideas please message us we are open to anything(:

Any submissions you want to give are more then accepted!


Hey everyone:)

Just in to say all the teams are getting in the grove of things lately with having players being sent home and bring players back plus the rookies getting ready to start playing more! This season is gonna a tough fought battle all the way to the end. Each team and every player is fighting hard for their team to be the best. We have alot to catch up on as the season is already in it’s second month and you haven’t seen any pictures or statements lately, we are going to get on top of it soon. We would like to see the pictures you take at games. If you have a favorite player maybe a shout out to him. Our submission box is open for anything. I have to talk to J but i’m thinking about making a WHL fans twitter where we can tweet the players their shout outs. If you know someone who is a big WHL fan tell them to give us a follow. Hope your teams season are everything you were hoping for:) If you have some new guys and think they should be seen more SUBMIT them:) If you want to submit old players to or give your own update on them feel free. This site is for the great Fans of the WHL! Any questions feel free to ask don’t be shy:)



Sporting the new orange and white reeboks.


Sporting the new orange and white reeboks.

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Pretty excited for Pre-season to start! How about you guys? More updates for sure once the season starts!

Currently trying to catch up on pictures, news, etc. All I know is that right now, Campbell Elynuik of the Everett Silvertips was traded to the Regina Pats for a 6th round Bantam pick in 2012, and Veteran Winger Scott MacDonald was sent back to his Junior A team.

Will let you know more about the other going-ons later!


Informing you that:

Training camps or rookie camps have been begun for some teams.

The rest of the teams start camps next week if not already started. 

Any team you’re interesting in knowing about submit the team and we will tell you; when it’s open to public, what days it’s going on, where it’s at, and about how many players are there.


Dear Followers,

It’s K here and I just wanted to thank you all for the great submissions and we hope to see more. We promise as soon as the season comes we will be seeing way more posts. If you can think of any player that plays in the WHL let us know and we will let everyone else know who he is. 

If you are just starting to follow us and wonder what we will be posting as the season starts we were thinking about;

  • Scores from games(:
  • Pictures of games(:
  • Team sightings(:
  • Team outtings(:
  • And the radio station where you can listen to the games(:
  • And if they are on TV.

We will try to post Canadian and USA stations for both TV and Radio. If you know any of the canadian channels let us know the number a server(:

Thank you so much

<3 K(:

Ryan Murray
personal favorite

Ryan Murray

personal favorite